• Vijendra Agarwal posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    With the announcement of UPNRI Diwas in February, what does this group want to achieve? My personal belief is taking baby steps which we can commit to and then dream big. I will be in India in February and my primary interest is improved education at all levels. Most of you know my commitment (baby steps) through Vidya Gyan. Just some thoughts:
    (1) a way to pull off a summit with VCs for higher education discussions;
    (2) Have an impact on basic education; e.g. our ideas/assistance in the selection of the so called “English Medium” primary schools (5 per block as per an announcement earlier). By the way, I wrote to the Minister right away but, as usual, no response in the last 4 weeks or longer- quite frustrating. Another idea could be public-private partnerships for managing primary schools; right now our schools are totally dysfunctional and the so called School Management Committees (SMCs) are generally corrupt. Typically Pradhans collude with school headmaster and the corrupt practices enter into equation.
    I should also express my personal dissatisfaction that there appear to be two different groups among UPNRIs which in itself is divisive. Does anyone have insight why that has happened and if my perception is wrong, I stand corrected. Thank you.